Several new clients have surfaced because of my blog. It’s a real SEO asset online. I truly value my blog and am thankful for Ochre & Beige.
— Susie N., Interior Designer, California

Monthly Ghost blogging

You want your unique voice expressed, but you also want to make sure new clients come in with the right expectations… and even some enthusiasm! We know how to do both, all while strategically using your blog post topics to push your business goals forward.

You’ll receive a unique content strategy, brand and audience personalization, full SEO attention in the copy and formatting, the use of your high-quality images or stock photos, and publishing to your website. (Social media not included.)

60-minute Strategy session | $150
2 POSTS | $450 per month
4 POSTS | $875 per month

*2-month commitment to start. 60-day cancellation any time thereafter.


How Does Ghost Blogging Work?

Step 1: Discovery call

Like designing a home for a client, to do it authentically, you have to get to know each other! We’ll start with a 20-minute discovery call to discuss your needs, our process, and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Content & Strategy Prep

You’ll complete a questionnaire to give us more insight into your brand, target clients, and business goals. Combined with our research, we’ll then prepare a content strategy concept and blog post topic ideas for you.

Step 3: Content Strategy Session

During a 1-hour virtual meeting, we’ll discuss content strategy, blog post topic ideas, and iterate new topics as our conversation evolves. We’ll then finalize a content publishing schedule for the upcoming 6 months to 1 year. Regardless of how long you intend to work with us — the content strategy yours to keep!

Step 4: Request for notes & photos

60 days prior to each blog post’s publish date, we’ll provide you with a short form asking quick questions related to the blog post’s topic. A few sentences or bullet points will suffice — the goal is to understand your unique outlook on the topic and get personal where we can!

Step 5: review our blog post draft(s)

Our first few drafts are provided via Google Document so you can share feedback and help us fine-tune your unique voice. Once established, we’ll format your blog posts directly in your website portal, marked as “Needs Review.”

Step 6: We Publish Your Blog Post(s)!

Once we’ve received your edits, or you’ve changed your blog post’s status from “Needs Review” to “Draft” in your website, we will schedule the blog post to publish on the date previously agreed upon. When that day comes, it goes live!


Frequently Asked Questions


How does O&B keep my voice authentic?

Our 6-step process is designed to create a relationship of understanding and trust. We not only get to hear how you speak, but we also research your existing writing (social media, website copy, etc.) to ensure we’re keeping your voice consistent and authentic.

The short notes we request from you for each blog post is yet another way we make sure we’re expressing your views and opinions; the process for receiving your feedback is another.

Who is listed as the blog post’s author?

You are the author. Even though our fingers may have typed up the post, the words are yours, the brand is yours, and the perspective is yours.

At some point, we may request permission to include your blog within our portfolio (it’s difficult to build a portfolio as a “ghost” blogger!), but it is completely your choice.

Do I have to provide photographs or does O&B source them?

If you have a portfolio of photos, we’ll request that you share them with us — there’s nothing like beautiful pictures of your work attract new clients.

However, if you don’t have professional photographs or your project photos don’t apply to a certain blog post topic, we’ll source images using free stock photo websites, such as Unsplash and Pexels.

Do you do “all that SEO stuff” in blog posts?

We sure do! The photo labeling, the headers, the meta descriptions, the categories, etc. We’ll even resize overly large photos to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible.