Practically Glamorous or Glamorously Practical?

GLamour Meets Practical-3.png

One of our clients recently asked us to revamp a spare bedroom in her Southern California home. When discussing her goals for the room, she confided only one vision for the space: feminine but mature.

We were up for the challenge.

To start, we opted for a nude-based wall paint — a neutral canvas that would be easy to glam up later with hints of color and character throughout the room.

Here's a look at the inspiration for our color palette.


Shades of frosted lavender and plum are the perfect complement to more natural tones, enhancing a subtle but unmistakable femininity.

We then searched for our largest pieces: items that were simple, practical, and incorporated that little extra-something

This button-tufted headboard and matching bench, for example, are both elegant classics that add dimension and texture to any room. Here, the queues of nailheads along the perimeters supply an element of subtle glamour, while the curved silhouette of the headboard gives the space additional movement.


To counterbalance the room’s gentle charm, we found two mirror-topped bedside cabinets that introduce strong lines, symmetry, and an intriguing pop of black. The cabinets’ curvilinear door design mimics the nailheads on the headboard and bench trim, tying everything together harmoniously.

Silver bedside lamps and the gradient pattern of the duvet also offer depth and an interesting interplay of textures.


To keep our client’s room open and inviting (glamorous pieces tend to make rooms appear smaller and stuffier — so be careful!), we opted for barely-there, floor-to-ceiling curtains that add height to the room.

The gossamer curtains also work together with the closely-positioned indoor plant to extend a friendly invitation to the sunshine, the fresh air, and the outdoors… but not to the neighbors.


Our few final touches included using decorative pillows to accent the space with shades of frosted lavender and plum that match the curtains. The pillows’ metallic shine creates a focal point that is not overwhelming but immediately attracts the eye.


One of the best parts about this room is that it is extremely versatile. Because we played up a neutral canvas, our client can easily update the room for the changing seasons or for a new vibe. Just swap out the pillows and curtains for a different color, and ta-da — it’s practically a new space!

Our client was thrilled with the result, and we confess... we love it, too. Sophisticated glamour. Open and inviting. Feminine and mature.

Whoever said you couldn’t have it all?