Top 5 Design Finds from High Point Market


TITLE: Top 5 Design Finds from High Point Market


SUMMARY: Show off your 5 best finds from High Point Market and share your excitement for bringing some of these designs into your clients’ homes.
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How would you like to journey with me through one of the biggest design markets in the world? Since that could take weeks (literally), let's take a look at 5 of our top design finds from the event!

Are you ready to see what's up and coming in the home industry? We're dishing the details on our blog today. Link in profile...

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Have you ever wondered where us designers get *our* inspiration for homes like yours? Well, one of our biggest sources is... High Point Market!

Imagine 180 buildings of furniture, lighting, decor, and more. Not rooms, BUILDINGS. 

Today, I'm sharing 5 of my most inspirational finds from the event — and I think you're going to love them! Link bio, my fellow design lovers...


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