Things You Need to Know about an Interior Design Budget


TITLE: Things You Need to Know about an Interior Design Budget

CATEGORY: Interior Design Savvy

TEMPLATE: 20-30 minutes

TAGS: budget, investment, ROI, interior design, project, renovation, construction, remodel, labor, wishlist, quality, value, realistic, home


Give potential clients a look at creating an interior design budget with your firm. This blog post will show them what they can expect and how to prepare for productive, realistic budgeting conversation:

  1. What is a budget?

  2. What factors play a role in determining a design project’s budget?

  3. How will your firm help them refine their budget?

  4. What steps can they take to prepare for your budgeting pow-wow?

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Have you ever wondered what a design project *really* costs? I'll let you in on a little secret... reality TV has been lying to us! Today, I'm sharing how we work with you to create a design budget to get you as much on your wishlist as possible! 

Ready to start designing the space that will inspire your best life? Link in bio...

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Fill in the blank: The single, most important part of any design project is ______ ?

Answer... A «How would you describe an interior design budget your client would like to create?» Design Budget! 

Today we're sharing everything that goes into creating your best design budget, and I bet some of these will surprise you! Check it out at the link in my bio!


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