HGTV vs. Interior Design in Real Life


TITLE: HGTV vs. Interior Design in Real Life

CATEGORY IDEA: Interior Design Savvy

SUMMARY: Help potential clients understand the important differences between a real interior design project and the ones they see on TV! Here are the top 3 differences you’ll discuss:

  1. Timeline

  2. Scope

  3. Budget (if only we all received so many freebies…)

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Reality TV… real interior design or not real? Those happy homeowners laughing, happy-crying, and glowing with joy at the end — that part is real! But the rest...

Well, not quite. Today I'm sharing the 3 BIG differences between design we see on TV and a project in real life... and you'll want to hear this! 

Link in my profile... go, go, go!

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Home Makeover Shows… can you guess how much is real and how much is wildly off from a real interior design project?

Today I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you what REALLY goes on behind the design scenes. Ready to be surprised?

Click the link in my profile to find out...


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