How to Mix & Match Patterns for an Interesting Space


TITLE: How to Mix & Match Patterns for an Interesting Space

CATEGORY IDEA: Advice & Inspiration

SUMMARY: Show readers you’re an expert by sharing the 5 steps you use to find and implement patterns they’ll love:

  1. Evaluating their existing or desired palette

  2. Finding their “design bridge,” the pattern that creates harmony among the others

  3. Understanding and varying patterns’ scale

  4. Putting patterns together before committing to purchases

  5. Reveal Day!

Step 1: Fill Out the Template

Step 2: Receive Your Blog Post by Email

Really, go check your inbox! Download the document. Copy the text. Paste it directly into a new blog post on your website.

Step 3: Add Some Stock Photos (or Your Own)

Drag and drop photos to your desktop. Edit the photo’s filename to include your firm's name and location, IF indicated after you download it. Ex: BIZ-LOCATION-mixed-patterns-blue-black-yellow-pillows.jpg

Disclaimer: The images below can be downloaded free of charge at Unsplash and Pexels. Ochre & Beige is not selling these photos, merely providing resized and relabeled versions, and is not hindering your right to access these photos at no cost.


Step 4: Publish Your Blog Post

Press publish!

Step 5: Share on Social Media


Social Caption 1

You know those spaces that make you stop and stare? I'm willing to bet there were some patterns in there! Even you think you're not a "pattern person," they are a huge part of creating a beautiful, cohesive space. 

Today I'm showing you behind the scenes at how we use patterns to bring our clients' spaces to life. Check out the link in my bio for the full story!

Social Caption 2

Patterns can bring colors together in your space, energize you, or even soothe you at the end of a long day... so how do you different patterns to play nicely in the same room? 

Today I'm sharing our tried-and-tested strategy for bringing patterns into harmony in your space. Click the link in my profile and go take a look!


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