9 Surprising Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer


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TITLE: 9 Surprising Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

CATEGORY: Interior Design Savvy (Or similar)

STYLIST: 20-30 minutes

TAGS: interior designer, benefits, advantages, budget, project management, timeline, scope, pros vs. cons, peace of mind


Show your current and potential clients the value of having a designer on their team. The 9 benefits you’ll share will include:

  1. Vendor Relationships

  2. Project Efficiency

  3. Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

  4. Avoiding Timeline-destroying Mistakes

  5. Solving Design Problems Creatively

  6. Aesthetic Uniqueness

  7. Design for a Functional Home

  8. Uninterrupted Daily Life during the Project

  9. Peace of Mind from Start to Finish

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