7 How-To Tips for Styling Stunning Bookcases


TITLE: 7 How-To Tips for Styling Stunning Bookcases

CATEGORY IDEA: Advice & Inspiration

SUMMARY: Show readers your creative expertise by giving them some bookcase and tabletop styling tips!

  1. Less is more

  2. Select meaningful items

  3. Vary the type of items you choose

  4. Diversify color, texture, height & weight

  5. Create item groups

  6. Layer back to front, large to small

  7. Try, try again until satisfied

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Built-in bookcases are all the rage right now... but how do you style them?? Today I'm sharing our strategy for decorating stunning bookcases for our clients — and there is some method to the madness!

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Have you ever wondered how designers create stop-and-stare vignettes? (I'm sure you've seen them allllll over Instagram!)

Come behind the scenes with me today, where I'm showing you exactly how we style bookcases for our clients! I think you'll pick up a trick or two. ;) 

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