How We Choose the Best Lighting for Your Home


TITLE: How We Choose the Best Lighting for Your Home

CATEGORY IDEA: Advice & Inspiration

SUMMARY: Show potential clients your creative expertise by helping them select the perfect lighting for their space!

  1. Understanding the different lighting options (pendant vs. chandelier, task vs. ambient, etc.)

  2. Selecting the most appropriate size for their lighting

  3. Finding styles they can use and love

  4. Your thoughts on best bulb choices (halogen, incandescent, LED…)

  5. How to space lighting appropriately throughout a room

  6. Tips for hanging light fixtures at the best heights

  7. Your favorite vendors for sourcing great lighting

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Did you know lighting is the jewelry of the home? It also plays a BIG role in creating an ambiance, raising (or lowering) your energy levels, and more!

Safe to say, lighting is important and plenty of details go into picking the best lighting for your space. So how do we do it? Today I'm showing you on our blog! Link in bio...

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Have you ever felt the calming effects of yellow-toned lighting? Or the awakening affects of blue-tinted lighting? I'm willing to bet the answer is yes!

Selecting lighting for your home with intention and strategy is one way to create a space that helps you live exactly how you want to... and today I'm showing you how we do just that for our clients. 

You can get the full scoop on our blog today, at the link in my profile!


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