7 Reasons to Love Custom Window Treatments


TITLE: 7 Reasons to Love Custom Window Treatments

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TAGS: window treatments, coverings, custom, workroom, interior design, home decor, roi, investment, quality, curb appeal, property value, energy saving, personal


Show readers the true value of custom window treatments for their homes:

  1. Visible, touchable quality

  2. Can raise property value

  3. Fits perfectly to your home

  4. Enhances curb appeal

  5. Can lower energy bills

  6. Creates a more personal interior

  7. Saves money long-term

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Can you tell whether your window coverings are custom or from a big box retailer? There are more differences than you might think!

Read today's blog post for 7 reasons you'll fall head over heels for custom treatments. Link in bio...

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Did you know custom window treatments come with a big return on investment? It's true. Today I'm sharing 6 ways custom coverings (vs. the big box kind) can actually save you money long-term.

Can you guess what they are? Find out at the link in my profile...


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