5 Reasons Your Dream Home Needs Art... Now!


TITLE: 5 Reasons Your Dream Home Needs Art… Now!

CATEGORY: Advice & How-Tos

TEMPLATE: 20-25 minutes

TAGS: interior design, home decor, art, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, emotion, impact, unique, color harmony, palette, movement, interesting, gallery, exhibit


Show your readers 5 of the biggest impacts art can have on their space:

  1. Creating Movement

  2. Adding Emotion

  3. Harmonizing or Introducing Colors

  4. Making the Space Unique

  5. Inspiring Conversation + Interest

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Have you ever wondered why interior designers incorporate art into every single space we design? It's because... Art. Has. Power!

Check out our recent blog post about 5 of the biggest ways art helps create your dream space — link in bio!

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How does an ocean scene make you feel? A black and white photograph of children laughing? An abstract painting with splashes of vibrant color?

I think you see where I'm going with this... art has HUGE emotional impact in your space!

Today I'm sharing 5 of the amazing things that art can do for your space. Adding emotion is just one. Can you guess the others...? Link in profile!


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