51+ Spring & Summer Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

A while back, we published our 29 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers, and it quickly became the most-read topic on our blog. So we thought… if these ideas are so helpful to you, why not make it a seasonal thing?

After all, when you spend your days being all creative and go-getter-y for your clients, there’s little juice left in the tank for you…

….and if there is, I bet you’d prefer to see your family across the table and not a blinking cursor, am I right?

Hearing ya loud and clear!


Spring & Summer Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Although spring is just barely getting underway (there’s snow projected this evening in my neck of the woods…😭), folks in the digital world are already looking ahead to summer. So let’s talk about both.

Yes, some of these ideas will be obvious, but you can and should put your own unique spin on them! Read here for more on personalizing these blog posts to your target clients. Yes, actual actionable advice.

Alright, let’s go!

Color-Related Blog Post Topics

  • Latest color trends & some spaces that nail the look(s)

  • Inspiring springtime palettes

  • How someone can quickly/easily change the colors in their home

  • How to get more brave with color

  • Which whites go where…? Understanding undertones.

Blog Post Topics for Furnishings & Upholstery

  • Guide to window treatments for the spring and summer

  • Guide to performance fabrics indoors or outdoors

  • Making the decision to slipcover, upholster, or replace?

Share Cleaning & Decluttering Savvy

  • Downsizing possessions… what stays and what hits the road?

  • Spring cleaning tips from a design pro (who’s seen it all)

  • Cleaning up porches, patios, balconies, outdoor spaces

  • Space planning for peace of mind

  • Foolproof pantry organization

  • Opening up your lake house / cabin / summer home

Give Styling Advice

  • Styling Bookshelves (Blog Post Template in O&B Studio)

  • Styling Bar Carts (or outdoor bar areas)

  • How to accessorize a space + finishing touches

  • The perfect setup for an outdoor kitchen

  • A functional mudroom (I see you, rainy season…)

  • Styling an outdoor space

  • Styling an indoor space that feels springtime fresh

Blog Posts on Your Favorite Finds

  • Places you love

    • Favorite local design shops for a crisp (or warm) evening around town

    • Best designed restaurants near you (or abroad)

  • Products You Love

    • For the home in general? For a bathroom? Kitchen? Bedroom? Etc.

    • For a bookshelf or coffee table?

    • For spring-fresh scents?

    • For the travel enthusiast?

    • For the design enthusiast?

    • For the foodie?

Blog Posts for the Kiddos Out of School

  • Creating entertaining (and mess-proof) spaces for youngsters

  • Style a space that keep your children from sitting on their Xbox all summer

  • How to create a child’s space that adults will love, too

  • Best timing to refresh a child’s bedroom

Report on Design Events & Trends

  • High Point Market in NC (Blog Post Template in O&B Studio)

  • International Furniture Market in Milan, Italy

  • Local markets or art fairs

Holiday-Related Blog Posts (Easter, Passover, 4th of July)

  • Tablescapes, indoors or out

  • Decor (Cliché/Non-cliché)

  • Creating a kids’ entertainment area

  • Designing for long-lasting family traditions

  • Color scheme inspiration


  • How to host the perfect patio brunch

  • How to style the perfect chic outdoor barbecue

  • Overnight guest essentials (Blog Post Template in O&B Studio)

Design Process Education

  • Best time to start an interior design project?

  • Is an interior designer right for you? (get our free template for this post below!)

  • How to create a design budget?

  • Which key players make up a design & renovation team?

  • What does a design consultation look like? (Blog Post Template in O&B Studio)

  • [Other topics that can help create more realistic expectations for your clients]

Summer Vacation

  • Your favorite places for soaking up design

  • Non-cliché beach-house design

  • Non-cliché lake house design

  • What to bring back from summer vacation (that you’ll actually use)

  • How to plan a design-centric vacation

Get Personal

  • What are your family’s most treasured traditions and how does design play a role?

  • Introduce one of your team members (Blog Post Template in O&B Studio)

  • BEFORE & AFTERS (or just Afters) of your work!!!!

Whew! Well that should certainly get you started. :)

For some of these, we have Blog Post Templates in O&B Studio. You can sign up below to receive our free one — 7 Surprising Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer — and try it out!

I hope this helps you on your way to blogging for your clients + business. Good luck, and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions!