3 Excuses to Not Blog for Your Business & 5 Reasons You Should Ignore Them


Every successful blog you've ever seen once started from ground zero. If you don’t have a blog — or don't have one with growing your business in mind — it's never too late. Trust me, even I had to start from a blank page, and that's always a little daunting, no matter who you are!

So first, let's figure out what's been holding you back:

  • Do you have a hard time believing in the benefits of blogging for your business?

  • Is your biggest issue simply finding the time to blog?

  • Or do you feel that you lack ideas, writing confidence, or high-quality images?

Once you've identified your biggest hurdle(s), we can take a look at some solutions for you.


CHALLENGE #1: "I'm not sure why blogging is necessary for my business... Isn't posting on social media enough?"

Ahhh... wouldn't life be easier if this was true? You could post beautiful photos all day, call it marketing, and sleep soundly at night. But... a blog post ISN'T like a social media post. In fact, it does quite a bit more. 

  1. SEO... and we all love SEO! (Or at least, when we have good SEO...) There are several ways blogging helps your search rankings, from showing Google you have an active website to capitalizing on commonly searched keywords for your ideal clients. (If this all sounds like Greek to you, read our blogging for SEO guide here.)

  2. TRAFFIC. When you promote your blog posts on social media, you help drive more traffic to your website and you can use links within your posts to drive your readers/potential clients to other places on your site... like your services! In addition to getting more eyes on your business, a boost in traffic also helps SEO.

  3. CONTENT. A blog post gives you a unique opportunity to serve your target clients with helpful advice, information, inspiration, you name it. This content can be reused across all your social media channels and in email newsletters... right after you publish it and down the road. (Read here for how to reuse a social post across channels.)

  4. TRUST. When a potential client is considering your business or comparing you to local competitors, there's a high chance they're looking at your website and blog. Your blog is a great way to share your personality, design style, and project approach so that you're attracting clients you actually want to work with — and you're earning their trust. (Tips for understanding your ideal client.)

  5. GROWTH. Over time, all of the benefits above add up to positive growth for your company. You can't say no to that!


CHALLENGE #2: "I struggle to find time to blog."

This is the one I hear most often, and the most difficult to solve. Our best advice is to set aside a day to compile a months' worth of content in advance. OR, you can outsource. Give the task to an assistant or hire an interior design blogger to ghostwrite content.

The added benefit? Getting blogging off your plate will make you feel lighter and more focused on the tasks you do best and enjoy most.


Challenge #3: "I'm terrified to start from scratch." 

My friends, I've been there. Ochre & Beige was simply a big dream in my head at one point in time, and we can all be grateful that there are so many more resources on the web now than when blogging first started a decade ago. So here's what I suggest for anyone just starting out:

1. Images. No photos? No excuses! Stock photos are a wonderful resource for finding high-quality, FREE photos. Some of my favorites are...

• Unsplash (you can browse my curated design photo collections, and it'll be even easier)
• Pexels
• Pixabay
• Kaboompics

2. Content. I'll write a more detailed post about this topic later, but my quickest and most helpful advice would be to think about a very specific problem you solve for your clients. Do you help them navigate building codes in the historic district of town? Are you a pro at getting more storage space into tiny NY apartment kitchens? Use your blog to provide solutions for your clients in a way that builds their trust and a respectful relationship with you.

3. Writing Skill. This one's a little tougher to solve overnight, but it's no reason to give up on blogging. Just do your best, write as if you're speaking to a friend, and give your post's DRAFT to someone you trust with the English language for editing. (We can do this if you need it!) When you have the stamp of approval, publish.

Lastly, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Rome wasn't built in a day.... and, luckily, we're not building Rome here either. ;)

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