Things You Should Know About Design Blogging in 2019


Happy New Year, everybody! I’m still shaking my head in disbelief that 2019 is here. Every year seems to whiz by faster, but I hope you took a moment to slow down, step away from work, and enjoy some special time with your loved ones this season.

These were my first holidays in Europe, spent mostly in Italy with D’s family. I was a little homesick (I’ll see my own family in a couple weeks!), but experiencing Christmas in a different culture — not to mention the culture of people I love — was rewarding in a beautiful way.

I’m sure you’re wondering what we ate (boy, did we eat), so I’ll indulge you…

…Nonna’s (grandma’s) lasagna, branzino (fish), coniglio (rabbit), polenta, prosciutto, sausage, an ungodly amount of panettone slathered with mascarpone, gelato, and more gelato. Plus many, many other dishes I can’t remember or pronounce the names of.

But more than food, there was just so much love going around. There was always laughter, always people making jokes with each other, always new food appearing mysteriously on my plate, and more face-kisses than I’ve ever had in my life.

Simply put: it did the heart good. ❤️

And, in the midst of all the festivities, D and I somehow managed to visit a medieval castle and spend the night in its cold, creepy corridors!


Now, it’s back to work, and I feel more motivated than ever to help YOU make this year incredible! So let’s dive in and discuss what you need to know about design blogging in 2019.

1. Which is better for your design business: blogging or social media?


This debate has come up in several business forums lately, so I want to address it here. Which works better for design businesses? Which should you choose?

There are mixed answers in the industry. Businesses are finding results with both, but there was one clear takeaway that everyone seemed to agree on… blogging is smarter long-term.

When you post on social media, your followers and even the content you post is not owned by you. This is tricky territory, because it’s out of your control. Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest could change their algorithms tomorrow and bury your business’ posts (or remove them). That’s a scary thought.

By contrast, your blog is yours. You own the content you produce. The people who come to your website are your visitors.

WE Suggest:

Blogging and social media should work in tandem. After all, you need a place to share your blog posts and try to get them seen by potential clients, especially if you don’t have a large mailing list.

If time is your limiting factor, Socialite Vault is great service for getting easy and relevant social media posts.

We’ll also be launching customizable blog post templates early this year, which will make blogging far more feasible for small businesses. (Join our mailing list below to be the first to hear!)

2. How IS Video PlayING a NEW Role in Blogging?


Video is making a bigger and bigger splash in online marketing. I don’t deny it’s effective, but it’s also more difficult to skim a video for content… and it’s impossible (for now) for Google to scoop SEO terms out of it.

You don’t have to pick one over the other. Whether you’re launching a YouTube channel (go you!) or recording videos for Facebook, you can repurpose this content into a blog post.

Even better, directing traffic from one source to the other can only help with your marketing strategy.


If you’re proactive about creating video content (or even podcasts, for that matter), consider embedding it into a blog post with the video’s transcript. You can use a service like to get an easy transcript of your video. Then embed both video and transcript (with headers) into a blog post.

3. What Does your design blog need to cover?


Blogging is overwhelming for a lot of people. It feels like there are so many things you have to do — so much so, that you might say “screw it!” before you even begin.

If you’re looking to do “all the things,” the O&B blog gives you a comprehensive guide to doing so, from SEO help to post categories to topic ideas.

But if you’re in the overwhelmed stage, remember that there’s really only one thing your blog NEEDS to do… help your ideal client.

WE Suggest:

Start by doing ONE thing right. Just one… blog on topics that solve your clients’ problems.

You don’t need to be the next Emily Henderson (unless you really want to, but that’s a different conversation). You just need to provide a service for your clients. And that service is sharing your knowledge, expertise, and care.

If you’re thinking “I don’t have any good ideas,” tune in to your clients’ questions. Jot them down as they come up. I guarantee you’ll get at least one interesting question a week. Give yourself permission to start there and stay there as long as you need to.

I’m going to wrap this post up there, because these are the 3 biggest concerns circulating right now. But if you have other questions, please ask in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to weigh in. :)

Good luck in 2019 and if you missed our Editorial Calendar Planning Guide, you can get it here!