Blog Post Checklist: Things To Do For SEO & Readability Before Publishing


There are a few little touches that are important (but not life-shattering!) for blog posts’ SEO and readability.

For all of our sanity, I’ve created this easy checklist that you can print out and reference until the happy day when it has become second nature!

Remember, each of these takes about 1-2 minutes max, so don’t let the length of the list scare you.

Plus, the more times you do it, the more peaceful it becomes — promise!

Pre-Publishing Blog Post checklist

  • Edit for grammar, punctuation, and flow

  • Personalize the post a little more for your target client

  • Format headings for H2 and H3 text sizes (If this sounds like gibberish, there’s a how-to video here)

  • Add your business name and location to the images’ filenames

  • Include enough images to decrease the intimidation factor of your text

  • Add links to other content on your site (portfolio, other blog posts, your services… you can see how I’ve done it within this post!)

  • Optional for O&B Studio Members: Change up about 30-50% of your headings to be more creative… SEO-savvy headlines are great but also kinda boring…

    • Example: “Interior Designers Keep Your Project Efficient” could become “How to Hit Green Lights All Project Long”

  • Add Categories (these are completely your choice!)

  • Include an excerpt; we usually copy and paste a few fun but straightforward sentences from the intro

  • Add a thumbnail/featured image; for O&B Studio members, just drag and drop one we gave you

  • Personalize your Call to Action at the end

  • For Squarespacers, you can add a Newsletter signup or gallery block, as I’ve done below

There you have it. Short and to the point. Questions? You know where to ask. ;)