How to Write a Blog Post Review of High Point Market for Your Design Biz


It’s no secret — LOTS of designers, workrooms, and other home pros will be writing about this spring’s High Point Market… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it, too!

If you’re lucky enough to attend, your followers, clients, and potential clients should hear about it.

The trick is doing so in the right way.

A typical blog post review of High Point Market talks about trends that are coming and going, neat or surprising design finds, and sometimes the brief story behind the person’s (often overwhelming) experience trying to make it to all 180 buildings of showrooms.

That’s all great, especially if you know your readers are itching to read about those things, but remember…

If you’re running a small business, you’re NOT writing a blog post for yourself or the masses — you’re writing a blog post specifically for your past, current, and future clients. So let’s talk about how!

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Step 1: Go into High Point Market with a Blog Plan


Whether you’re shopping for products, vendors, or just looking for inspiration, you probably have your own lineup of criteria that you run through while browsing the market.

When it comes to blogging, however, I suggest answering some or all of these questions for your clients:

  • What styles or designs are you seeing that your clients would love? (Furnishings, fabrics, accessories, colors, styles, etc.)

  • How do you see yourself potentially using your design finds? Would you use them in the same way you saw displayed? Would you put a different spin on it?

  • How could you use your finds to solve common problems your clients have?

  • What styles (that your clients like) look like they’re sticking around for another season?

  • What did you expect to see more of but didn’t?

  • What individual piece, color, or design surprised you the most?

  • Did you see any design trends from the event? How do you feel about them for your clients’ homes?

  • Did you discover any local vendors you’re excited about?


Step 2: How to Take Great Photos at High Point Market

Product photos are tricky. The lighting at markets can be less than spectacular for photos. Plus, you have people everywhere. I’ve seen more than a few derrieres and drink cups photobomb what would have been a lovely vignette! (See below.)

Luckily, there’s a work-around.

This elegant backdrop “bummed” me out... 😂

This elegant backdrop “bummed” me out... 😂

  • Take the best photo you can, and take a photo of the designer’s or vendor’s name.

  • When you go to write your blog post, if the photo is good, use it. If it’s not great, look up the designer online. It’s likely that you’ll find high-quality photos on their website or social media feed.

  • As long as you credit the source and link back to their work, using their photos is a nice way to keep your content looking sharp and throw the designer a well-deserved kudos.

Step 3: Options for Writing Your HPM Blog Post

Because this post is event-related, it’s also time-sensitive. You should write it as soon as you can, of course, but I wouldn’t lose a night’s sleep over it. (Your real followers will still be your followers in a day or week.)

That said, it might be a good idea to write the post on your plane ride home, while the event is still fresh.

Here are a few ways you can structure your post. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have another idea you like, go for it!

Option A (Easy)

If you’re not feeling super creative or full of ideas, you can go ahead and assemble your post into a Q&A format using the questions I listed above. Just write a quick introduction to HPM. Then modify the wording of the questions to be more personal. When you answer the questions, address your readers directly using “you.” (More tips for “speaking” to your target client in blog posts can be found here.)


Option B (Easy)

This one is easily the most obvious format, but it can still be successful if you do it with your target audience in mind…

Go through your photos, pick out your favorites, and just plop them into a blog post. Write an introduction to HPM. Add a caption of thoughtful commentary underneath each photo, and voilà, blog post!

Option C (Medium)

What I often do for clients is scroll through their photos quickly to see what major themes/trends jump out. These could be related to color, fabric, interior styling, hard materials, etc… just make sure they apply to your target client!

(In other words… if you run a workroom, you probably don’t want to spend the post writing about countertops and millwork.)

You can then break your post into segments by theme and elaborate to your heart’s content.

Option D (Medium)

This one gives you more creative freedom. Of all the questions I shared above, did one have an answer that you truly feel passionate about? Run with it! There’s nothing quite like contagious enthusiasm to get your clients jazzed up about something they love, too.

Again, just make sure the topic is relevant to your target audience so they’ll get something valuable out of it.

Step 4: Call to Action

Every blog post needs a Call to Action. I suggest compelling readers to sign up for your newsletter, since that will cultivate a following who truly cares about you and wants to hear from you.

For event review posts like High Point Market, shepherding people onto your newsletter list is a seamless next step. After they’ve been wow’d and inspired by your finds, you can say something along the lines of… 


“For more exclusive styles from behind the scenes, sign up for our monthly newsletter!”

“Love peeking behind the curtain of the design world?
Sign up for our monthly newsletter!”

“Loving these styles? There’s more where that came from. ;)
Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep the bright ideas rolling.”

Step 5: Publish and Share, Share, Share

Alright, you’ve done the hard work. The market has been conquered. The blog post has been published. Now what…?

Share, share, share! But where?

  • SOCIAL: All of your social media channels (FB, IG & Stories, Pinterest, LNKD, even Houzz)

  • NEWSLETTER: In your newsletter to past, current, and potential clients

  • AGAIN: On FB, IG & Stories, and Pinterest… 2-3x in a week with a different image/caption

And you’re done! Not too tough, right?

High Point Market is a great topic for delighting your readers with style finds and showing how you keep your finger on the pulse of the design community — so I definitely encourage you to give it a go.

If you’re already an O&B Studio member, we have a template for this blog post waiting for you! If you’re not yet a member, you can get our freebie template below.