What to Do with Blog Posts After You've Written Them


One of the best things about blog posts? They're high-quality content you can promote across your other social channels... and you absolutely should. Including your blog posts as part of your marketing strategy is the best way to make your blog work for your business

Here's what we suggest you do to get the biggest marketing bang per blog post:

1 | Publish to Your Blog

  • Definitely do this first... otherwise you can't link to the article in social posts.

2 | Publish to Social Media

  • Share across social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, LinkedIn) on the SAME DAY you publish your blog post, and make sure you use the best image size/shape for each social channel (ie. Pinterest vs. Facebook). Canva is a great, free resource for quickly getting the sizes you need.

  • Share across your social channels again in the SAME WEEK (except on LinkedIn and Houzz), but use a different tagline and image.

  • Share again a month or so later (if the content is still appropriate).

3 | Include in Your Monthly Newsletter

  • Dedicate a section of your monthly newsletter to sharing the latest and greatest from your blog. Don't forget to include a link to the post so your followers can go read it!

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