15 Questions You Need to Answer About Your Ideal Client


The most important step you can take before starting or committing to your blog is understanding your audience. Your audience is the same as your ideal client — the type of person you love working with most.

Before you can attract this person, you need to know exactly who they are, which unique problems they face, and their lifestyle. Then, you can write to them personally.

Some Questions to Help You Understand Your Ideal Client:

  1. What is the target income level of my ideal client?

  2. What is their budget?

  3. What is the age range of my ideal client?

  4. Are my ideal clients married? Have kids? Have animals?

  5. Where do my ideal clients live?

  6. In what city do my clients shop?

  7. Do my clients do most of their shopping online?

  8. What is my ideal client’s ethnicity or gender?

  9. What kind of lifestyle do they lead?

  10. What are their hobbies?

  11. Do they prefer a certain style or have specific tastes?

  12. What are their specific challenges?

  13. What are their goals?

  14. How will they find me?

  15. What PERSONALITY does your ideal client have? (I.e. who do you actually want to work with?)

Then What?

Keep your answers to the above questions in mind when you're coming up with blog post ideas. Each post should:

  • cater to your ideal client's interests and personality

  • show that you understand your client's needs

  • promote confidence in your ability to solve their problems

Do this, and you'll be well on your way to creating a blog that attracts the clients you want.