31+ Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers & Home Pros


“Wait, it’s the holiday season… why’s this crazy lady so excited to be working?”

That’s what I imagine you telling me when I say that the months of October, November, and December are my favorites to write blog posts for clients. No, it’s not workaholism…

…it’s because I get to know my clients even better during the holidays!

  • I get to hear about their holiday traditions

  • I get to see cute photos of the kids, the hubby, the fur babies

  • I get to hear what they’re thankful for and hope to accomplish in the new year

I honestly adore my clients (really, I don’t know how I got so lucky), but even so — the more I learn about each of them, the more I want to help them succeed!

And you know what?

The more your current and potential clients learn about you,
the more THEY will want to support you, too.


Think about the mother who’s kicking butt running her own business AND has three little ones at home. Or the woman who risked it all to change careers at 50 so she could finally pursue her life’s passion.

Don’t these stories inspire you more than yet another advertisement from a big, established company?


That’s why live video is becoming so popular.

That’s why blogging STILL drives traffic and warm leads to small business owners.

Because people want to support REAL PEOPLE.

Effective Blogging = Being Visibly Yourself + Solving a Problem

Okay, here comes the hard part — embracing this shift in your own marketing and blogging.

Full transparency, being visible is something I’m working on as well… #lifeofaghostblogger… but we all have to start somewhere! If you’re a little camera-shy like me, blogging is a great place to get your feet wet.

Here’s how:

  1. Check out a few ways you can be more visible in ALL of your blog posts (not just the holiday ones)

  2. Explore dozens of holiday- and design-specific blog post ideas to get you started


How To Be More Open & Visible in ALL of Your Blog Posts

  • Tell stories. Include stories about yourself, your coworkers, and the VIPs (very important people) in your life. It will help you be more personable, and positively highlighting your team members is always a nice thing to do.

  • Get a lifestyle photo shoot done. A 1-hour session is affordable and worth it. (I’ll be having my session own done soon!) Plus, it gives you high-quality content to share within your blog, website, and on social media. Kate the Socialite has a great podcast episode on this topic.

  • Be specific. For example, I originally wrote below: “Do you light holiday-scented candles?” Then I thought to myself, What scent am I a sucker for every year? No contest — gingerbread.

    So I changed the line to: “Do you light candles that waft gingerbread cookies through the house?” That extra detail just shared something about myself… and I bet you can relate with your favorite scent!


Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Designers & Home Pros

Personal Questions You Can Address in a Holiday Post

  • How does your family celebrate the holidays each year? What are you doing this year?

  • What makes your family traditions special or different from others you know? Or, by contrast, are your routines completely stereotypical? (It’s okay to poke good fun at yourself!)

  • How do you create the holiday’s or season’s ambiance? Do you put out reindeer figurines or your favorite Santa soap dispenser? Do you light candles that waft gingerbread cookies through the house? (Guilty!)

  • Do you have any funny family memories you could share?

  • Are there any local events you’re excited to attend, such as a holiday bazaar or Nativity play?

  • What do you like to cook for holiday meals and how do you present them?

  • What are you especially thankful for this season?

  • What are your goals for serving people better in the new year?


“Holiday Decorating” Blog Post Topics

  • How to decorate or style your…

    • Dining room

      • styling the perfect tablescape

      • roundup of centerpiece options

      • how to pair dishware and decor

      • how to liven up your dining chairs

      • the kids’ table — what NOT to do

    • Family room

      • how to style a kids’ area that will keep them entertained

      • the perfect adults-only area for the grownups to wind down

      • designing your game zone — for watching football, letting the kids entertain themselves, etc.

    • Bar-style kitchen seating

      • the art of entertaining in style while manning your kitchen

      • self-serve drink station essentials (for kids or adults)

    • Fireplace & mantel

      • great decor ideas for making your mantel stand out

      • decor ideas that can stay through winter

    • Guest bedroom

      • the essentials of creating a warm and inviting space

      • how to style an impressive bed

      • the extra touches that will make your guests say “WOW”

    • Powder room

      • how to style a festive powder room for guests

      • artful touches you would never think of for your powder room

    • Mudroom

      • how to style a mudroom that welcomes guests (not just their coats and shoes)

      • balancing function and style in a mudroom

      • artful mudroom touches (decorative hangers, available soft slippers, etc.)

    • Outdoor seating (in warmer places)

      • how to host an outdoor feast (without eating the outdoors)

      • great shatter-proof dishware options for the kids’ table (melamine)


“Designing a Holiday Experience” Blog Post Topics

  • How to create the holiday experience:

    • planning the space and flow of your big event

    • styling the perfect turkey digestion area

    • choosing a service style: buffet, dining room, or a mix?

    • how to decorate an open concept space (you can’t just decorate the family room!)

  • How to survive the aftermath of the holidays:

    • the ins and outs of post-celebration storage (because let’s be honest, I have no idea how the manufacturer fit those strings of lights into such teeny boxes!)

    • the strategy behind making room for your children’s new toys

    • decor that’s appropriate to keep on display in the new year

Wild holly I found in the Jura mountains of Switzerland

Wild holly I found in the Jura mountains of Switzerland

Other Factors that will Influence Your Posts

  • The size and nuances of your clients’ specific space

    • designing/decorating in an apartment, condo, open concept space, tiny space, large space, etc.

  • Your local weather or seasons

    • do guests need a place for coats and shoes?

    • will there be a balance of indoor vs. outdoor time? (therefore, a need to style both)

  • Your clients’ sense of taste and style

    • farmhouse vs. modern, traditional vs. contemporary, etc.

  • Your clients’ lifestyle and home situation

    • do they have kids, grandkids, or pets?

    • do you serve young couples (newlyweds’ first Christmas!), retired down-sizers, millennials, large families?

Pro Tip: A Pinterest board is a great way to present decor finds for the holidays. Here’s how I suggest using a Pinterest board to write a blog post.

Speaking of Being More Visible…

This will be my first birthday (November 21st) and Thanksgiving (the 22nd) in another country!

Rest assured, I’ll do my best to recreate our American classics…just with an oven that cooks in Celsius (whatever that is) and measurements in grams and milliliters. Oh, and I should probably factor in the elevation... Sooo, it’s safe to say I’m going into this experience with high expectations. 😂

I’ll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions or share a link to your holiday blog post with me — I’d love to see what you create!

Wishing you a joyful holiday season,

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