Where to Find & Resize Free Interior Design & Home Stock Photos


For many interior designers and home pros considering blogging, finding quality photos is a big hurdle.

I've heard the question many times... “What if I don't have professional photographs? Can I still blog?”

Of course, you can! We don't take no for an answer.

Luckily, there are many talented and aspiring photographers out there who have generously shared their photos for others to use freely. These are called stock photos.

Favorite Sites for Interior Design & Home Stock Photos

Here are a few of our favorite go-tos:


That said, if you've ever plunged headlong into one of these sites for photos, you may discover you've fallen down a rabbit hole... only to emerge 30 minutes later with many gorgeous photos but none that quite fit what you wanted.

Been there, my friend.

I've since created a stock photo gallery with only the best and most relevant design photos. (These photos are not mine, simply a collection I’ve curated.)

Creating this gallery has already saved me countless hours of searching for photos to use in blog posts and in social media. And I mean that. Hours. Now, you can enjoy them, too. :)

How to resize your Stock Photos

A quick word about these stock photos. They are professional standard photos, meaning their file size is HUGE. If you don’t resize the photos, they’ll slow your website down, and that’s no bueno. It’s a bit of a pain in the booty to do, but it’s fairly simple and definitely essential.

Here’s what we use:

This online image resizer lets you simply drag and drop your photos, change the dimensions for height or width, adjust the quality to 100%, and download the new, smaller photo. Voilà!

So what size do you need? Great question…

  • For most photos within a blog post, make the longest side no more than 650px

  • For your PROJECT photos, make the longest side no more than 750px

  • For BANNER photos (the big, long one up top), make the longest side no more than 1000-1200px

How to reLABEL Your Stock Photos for SEO


Another necessity that’s simple, fairly quick, but oh-so-annoying when you’re in a rush. Told you I won’t sugarcoat it! ;)

When you download a stock photo (or any photo file from your computer), it has an existing filename. This is the “image description” that search engines like Google use to “see” so it’s important that you change this name to something that very clearly describes the photo and context.

Examples of SEO-savvy file Names:

Here are a couple possibilities for the kitchen photo above:



See how that works?

There’s no exactly right way to do it, so just be specific, make sure the label has something to do with your post (e.g. don’t include the word “pendants” if your post is all about countertops).

That’s it!

The easiest way? use our Blog Post Templates


By now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow. I have to do ALL that just to publish ONE blog post?”

Well no, you don’t have to, but that’s what an SEO-savvy, website-friendly, visually impressive blog post looks like. That’s what we do here at O&B every. single. day. (Nuts, right?)

That’s precisely why we decided to simplify things for you. We created O&B Studio so you wouldn’t have to dig for photos, resize them, and relabel them.

We’ve done it for you. Each of our blog post templates comes with pre-selected, resized, and SEO-labeled stock photos.

All you have to do is complete the blog post template (a quiz-style questionnaire), select the photos you want, and add your business name or location to the file name. Drag, drop, done. We even pre-wrote social media captions so you can share your blog post with the masses!

Ready to try a blog post template for yourself? Sign up below to receive your freebie & give it a whirl…

To happier blogging & your success,