Where to Find Free Interior Design Stock Photos


For many interior designers and home pros considering blogging, a big hurdle is quality images. I've heard the question many times... what do I do if I don't have professional photographs? Can I still blog?

Of course, you can! (We don't take no for an answer!)

Luckily, there are many generous and aspiring photographers out there who have shared their pictures for others to use freely. My favorite sites are:

That said, if you've ever plunged headlong into one of these sites for photos, you may discover you've fallen down a rabbit hole... only to emerge 30 minutes later with many gorgeous photos but none that quite fit what you wanted.

Been there, my friends.

I've since created a gallery with only the best and most relevant design photos. This decision has already saved me countless hours of searching for photos to use in blog posts and in social media. Now, you can enjoy it, too.

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I'll be updating the gallery regularly, so check back from time to time or use the comments below to request a new category. Hooray for making life easier!

Psst! If you download any images from the gallery, be sure to rename the image file for your own SEO.

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