9 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Engaging [Squarespace]


Squarespace offers several tools for formatting blog posts in ways that will make the content more engaging, draw potential clients deeper into your website, and help convert visitors into paying clients.

Today I’m sharing 9 impactful strategies and features + how to format them yourself in Squarespace.

Let’s go!

9. Add a Newsletter Signup Block withIN the Post

Love this one — if your blog posts can encourage potential clients to join your mailing list, you are one step closer to those people becoming paying clients… so let’s get them in there! For example…


When formatting your blog post, click the teardrop to add a feature. Under “More” you’ll see “Newsletter.”


Once you’ve selected Newsletter, you can edit the title, description, and disclaimer. Under “Storage,” link your mailing list so that signups go to the right place. Under “Advanced,” you can create a thank you or success message to anyone who subscribes.


8. Share a Content Block of Your Other Posts

This is a fun one, too, and I guarantee you’ve seen it before under the name “You Might Also Be Interested In...” or “More From So-and-So.” It looks like this:



Click the teardrop again, but this time look under “Summary.” I usually pick the Carousel layout, shown above, but it’s up to you and your aesthetic.


Once you’ve selected your Summary block, select your Blog as the content source. Under “Layout” and “Display,” you can change the size of the images, how many are displayed, whether an excerpt appears, and more.


Play around with it until you find what you like!

7. Create a Content Sidebar

I LOVE sidebars, but not all Squarespace templates come with them (such as ours... womp, womp). That said, if you have a sidebar feature, use it! Here’s a great Squarespace article that shows you how.

Engaging sidebar info could include:

  • Your newsletter signup (seeing a pattern here?)

  • An intro/picture of you!

  • Your blog post categories

  • A featured blog post

  • Links to any books, products, etc.

I know she doesn’t need the added publicity, but she’s got a great sidebar. ;)

I know she doesn’t need the added publicity, but she’s got a great sidebar. ;)

6. Embed Links to Your Other Content throughout Your Post

It is a great practice to include links to other content within your website in a natural, unforced way. Not only do links help draw your audience deeper into the site, but it’s great for SEO.

Before you publish your blog post, ask yourself if there’s any specific place where you could link to other content — blog posts, your services, about page, etc.

5. Make Your Blog Post Easily Shareable on Social Media

This will allow your readers to share your blog post via their social media accounts. See the share icons below the title and categories here? That’s what you want.

ochre beige how to make blog posts sharable in squarespace social media1.png

How to do it yourself

Make sure you have any blog post open on the right side of the screen. Then go to your home dashboard, click Design > Site Styles.

ochre beige how to make blog posts sharable in squarespace socialmedia-2.png
ochre beige how to make blog posts sharable in squarespace socialmedia-3.png

Under the blog post settings you should see Share Buttons as an option. This is where you can edit. The buttons will look different depending on the template you’re using. Customize however you like!

ochre beige how to make blog posts sharable in squarespace socialmedia-5.png

4. Make Your Photos Pinnable (Especially from Your Design Projects!)

You’ve seen this one before… it’s the Pinterest share button in the corner of a photo. This is a great idea, ESPECIALLY for your project photos!



Go to your home menu. Click Marketing > Pinterest Save Buttons > Enabled for Blogs (or All Pages). Then you can play around with the size/shape settings to your liking.


3. Make Your Photos into Clickable Links

There are a few reasons you might want your photos to link back to other content within your site.

  • Project photos — why not direct happy visitors to the rest of your portfolio?

  • Promotions

Promotions can be something like a graphic or visual you’re using to sell a service, product or a gift card. You can then link that image to the portal where people can sign up or make a purchase!

How to do it yourself

When formatting your image, select the “Design” section of the editing window. Scroll down to “Clickthrough URL” and insert the URL where you’d like visitors to go!


2. Open Up the Comments Section (You Can Moderate Them)

Let readers comment on your blog post to get the conversation going! If you’re worried about spammy or inappropriate comments, you can set them up to be approved before appearing live on your site.


Go to Settings > Blogging (toward the bottom) > Comments Settings

ochre-beige-how-to-moderate comments-in-squarespace-2.png
ochre-beige-how-to-moderate comments-in-squarespace-2.jpg
ochre-beige-how-to-moderate comments-in-squarespace-3.png

Then you can check the features you’d like for your blog…

ochre-beige-how-to-moderate comments-in-squarespace.png

Once you have this option configured in your main settings, you can also change it within each blog post’s individual settings, seen in the bottom-center here:

ochre-beige-how-to-moderate comments-in-squarespace-5.png

1. Write a Call to Action at the End (+ a Button or Block!)

Think about your call to action as your final request at the end of a blog post. If you haven’t already shared your newsletter signup block, this is a great opportunity to do so!

If you have, you can include another call to action, such as browsing your project photos or encouraging readers to get on your calendar and book a specific service.

For example, O&B is helping firms around the world (literally) plan their blog content calendars. If you don’t have a strategically planned content calendar yet, now is a great time to get some help!

I hope this week’s advice has been helpful and inspiring. Any questions? Ask us below! :)