29 Blog Post Content Ideas for Interior Designers & Home Pros


UPDATE: 51+ More Design Related Blog Post Ideas for Summer & Spring!

You know you should publish a blog post for your design business… like, today. But the little cursor on your screen is blinking at you and zero bright ideas are popping into your head.

So what do you do?

One option is to say “forget it” and move on…

…the other is to take a look at the 29 ideas below and get those creative juices flowing! I suggest the second option. ;)

While all of the ideas below are appropriate for an interior design blog, keep in mind that YOU know your ideal client better than anyone else. If you use your posts to solve your clients’ problems, your blog will be adding real value to their lives.


Show Readers Your Design Taste & Expertise in the Field

1 | Answer the questions you hear most often from clients

2 | Share a strategy for solving a specific design dilemma

3 | Discuss what NOT to do… when designing a space, painting a room, setting a table, etc.

4 | Spill a random fact that most people don’t know about the design process

5 | Define current design trends or styles (or debunk them)

6 | Write about an industry event, such as High Point Market. You can weigh in on the conversation even if you didn’t attend. (You can easily style this blog post within O&B Studio!)

7 | Round up a list of products that go together… for a season, a specific room, an event, holiday, etc.

8 | Round up a list of products you and your team love

9 | Create a how-to guide that is educational (not DIY)... for space planning, coordinating color, varying textures, etc. (You can easily style this blog post within O&B Studio!)

Take Readers Behind the Scenes of Your Business & Projects


10 | Take readers through your process for new clients

11 | Share a struggle you faced during a client project and how you triumphed over it

12 | Embed and comment on a video of… your project’s site, materials selections, putting together a client’s mood board, etc.

13 | Discuss YOUR creative process

14 | Let readers take a look at your favorite design tools and how you use them

15 | Give readers a sneak peek of a project in progress

16 | Share the big reveal for your completed projects

Help Readers Get to Know You & Your Team


17 | Elaborate upon your team’s mission

18 | Tell the story behind your firm’s brand

19 | Introduce readers to your team, complete with on-brand photos (You can easily style this blog post within O&B Studio!)

20 | Reveal who inspires YOU and why (like Kate Spade, Coco Chanel, etc.)

21 | Inform readers of company updates, like new services / locations, products, team members, etc.

22 | Write about your support or pro bono work for charities

23 | Post a quote and share how it inspires you (make sure readers can share it, too!)

24 | Show your local vendors some love with a post that highlights their work

25 | Guide readers through a tour of your own home

26 | Share your holiday traditions and how design plays a role in making them extra special

End of Year Reflection Posts

*Round up a list of links to your other posts!

27 | Your firm’s big projects from the year

28 | Your most popular blog posts from the year

29 | Your favorite trends from the year (external links are okay, too)

And…. 51+ More Design Related Blog Post Ideas for Summer & Spring!

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