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9 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Most people believe that interior designers only create beautiful spaces, but in reality, we have much more to bring to the table than that!

Today I'm taking you through the top 9 obvious and not-so-obvious advantages of having an interior designer on your team...


1. Interior Designers Can Get You Below-Market Prices

Vendors are the folks that sell the products we order for your home, and we know quite a few personally. This means we can often get the items you love for less than you'd be able to find them yourself. Hallelujah!

They also tend to expedite shipping, just because they like us. ;)

2. Interior Designers Keep Your Project Efficient

An interior designer knows exactly how to plan your project efficiently from the start. We don't waste time or money, and we keep your project moving.

My favorite example of this is how we store everything and schedule all installations for the same day. This keeps costs down and gives you that special "reveal day" moment!


3. Interior Designers Help You Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Any renovation comes with its fair share of issues, but having an experienced interior designer managing your project will help avoid mistakes that could hurt your budget!

We’ll keep an eye on the process from start to finish.

4. Interior Designers Help Keep Your Timeline Intact

More than saving you money, keeping an eye out for mistakes can save your timeline, too. The last thing you want is a month or two added to the project… especially if you were planning to be on vacation during that time!

We’ll stay on the lookout for pitfalls and always keep your project moving forward.

5. Interior Designers Solve Problems Creatively

As I mentioned before, problems will always arise, and though we do our best to keep the severity down, it's the name of the game! But instead of the handyman coming to you with problems, they'll come to us. This gives us the opportunity to either solve them ourselves (so you can stay blissfully stress-free) or allow us time to come up with some creative solutions for you to entertain.


6. Interior Designers Style One-of-a-Kind Unique Spaces

You might covet your neighbor's home (or the ones in House Beautiful), but you probably don't want a space that looks just like them. You have your own personality and uniqueness, and we'll help you create a space that speaks to those qualities in the most authentic way.

No cookie-cutters here.

7. Interior Designers Create Functional Spaces for Your Lifestyle

More than beautiful, we design spaces that truly WORK for our clients' lifestyles. You have a routine, you have needs — we do the research to bring a home to life that will make your daily routine easier and more efficient.


8. Interior Designers Let You Maintain a Normal Life During a Project

Before, I mentioned that we save you time by avoiding mistakes during the renovation, but we also save you time by letting you be completely hands-off during this process.


Of course, you will be heavily involved during the goals and concept phase, but once the project is underway, you get the luxury of living your normal life.

9. Interior Designers Give You Unparalleled Peace of Mind from Start to Finish

All of these benefits combined lead us to this final HUGE advantage of having an interior designer on your team: peace of mind.

Renovations and design projects are notoriously stressful, but with a team you can trust to take charge and stand up for your best interests, you can avoid stress entirely. What bliss!

Lastly, I just want to say how much we truly LOVE doing all of these things for our clients. We consider it a privilege to bring homes to life that are beautiful, function, and come together in a way that's fun and enjoyable.

If you're planning a home project in the coming year, I hope you'll consider inviting us in!

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