Part I: How to Use O&B Studio's Blog Post Stylists

This blog post will take you step-by-step through the process of using O&B Studio’s Blog Post Stylists for your own interior design business.

We have a video version and a text version, so feel to scroll down to the one that suits your learning style best!




Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.48.58 AM.png

If you’re a member of O&B Studio, you’ll have access to all of our Blog Post Stylists across 3 different categories.

  • Client Education

  • Design Advice & How-Tos

  • Trends & Inspiration

Under each you’ll see a description of the post and an approximate time estimate for completion, as shown here. We add new topics every month to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Choose a Stylists that corresponds to a topic that is valuable or interesting to you and your specific target client.

If you signed up for our complementary Blog Post Stylist — 9 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer — it will be in your inbox. (If you haven’t signed up yet, scroll to the bottom of this post!)

STEP 2: COMPLETE THE Blog Post Stylist

Each Blog Post Stylist contains a series of questions. Some are short answers, like the first and hopefully easiest question, which asks for your email address…


In case you missed it… please pay attention to the spelling! It would be very sad to finish building your blog post, only to have it sent to cyber-purgatory…

But if this does happen to you, email, and we will recover it for you no questions asked. ;)

Some ask you to write anywhere from 1-4 sentences on a specific topic. For example, in 9 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer, the first benefit is vendor relationships. Here’s what the Blog Post Stylist will prompt you to write about the topic:

Blog Post Builder o&B studio how to use.png

This is where you draw on your knowledge and state it exactly like it is.

TIP for Nervous Writers: If writing scares you out of your wits, answer each question OUT LOUD as if your target client were sitting in front of you. What did you tell her? Now write that. You can always have a buddy proofread it later.

Other questions are multiple choice, such as the Call to Action that will go at the end.

interior-design-blog-post-examples-call-to-action-o&b studio.png

We usually recommend encouraging newsletter signup here, but we will always have an option for asking a question that might inspire comment or getting in touch with you.

If you don’t like any of these (or maybe you have a lead magnet you want to promote) just select an option and change the copy when you get the final version in your inbox.

And remember, the final draft is not set in stone — you can be flexible and change it however you like! It is simply an easy and well-crafted foundation to build upon.


Your finalized blog post will be sent to you by email as soon as you finish the builder and hit Submit. The email gives you instructions for adding the post to your website and creating the appropriate headers, but you will have to format it yourself.


If you wait 24 business hours, we’ll also email you a pre-formatted document that you can copy and paste with the headings already good to go. Please note that we will only do this for blog post builders that appear fully complete!

STEP 4: Copy & Paste to Your Website

o&b studio copy paste blog post to website easy.png

Copy. Paste. Edit out any unwanted extra spacing. Give it a proofread (or give it to someone else to do) if you haven’t already. Then…

  • Add “tags” using the keywords we recommend (tags can be entered in the righthand panel for WP users, bottom for Squarespace)

  • Add any appropriate categories

  • Add an excerpt (under “Options,” I usually use the first couple lines of my blog post)

You can find our full handy-dandy pre-publishing checklist here.

Note: If you’ve selected our Premium O&B Studio membership, we’ll format the post for you in your website portal within 5 business days.

Step 5 is adding images, but I’m going to save that for our next post. Any questions so far? Ask us below!