Part II: How to Use O&B Studio to Add Images to Your Blog Posts

Last time, I showed you how to use O&B Studio’s Blog Post Stylists to create the text of your post. Now, I’m going to show you how to add images to the post from the folder of accompanying stock photos we’ve curated, resized, and SEO-labeled for you.

As always, we have a video version and a text version, so feel to scroll down to the one that suits your learning style best!

Video Tutorial: How to use O&B Studio to Add Images to Your Blog Posts

Text Tutorial: How to Use O&B Studio to Add Images to Your Blog Posts

1. Download Images From our curated folder

First, you can find photos in the same place you find the Blog Post Stylists within O&B Studio. Just click “IMAGES” and you’ll be taken to a shared folder that allows you to download as you like.

There will always be more photos available than we suggest using in one post. This is to give you options and because we know that not everyone’s firm has the exact same look and brand.

(And if you don’t like any of them, you can always go to for hundreds more options. Literally!)

o&b studio access membership for easy blog post building templates.png
stock photos interior designers home decor resized seo labeled.png

We recommend downloading all of the photos, purely for the ease of swapping them out to see what you like best. But, of course, it’s up to you. You could also just pick a handful you like and download them individually.

2. Upload images to your website

In Squarespace, click the “teardrop” to add an Image block. In the top right, you’ll see the “Image” option. That’s the one you want. Then just drag and drop the photo!

For WordPress’ers, click Add Media, and you can drag and drop there.

how to add images to squarespace blog post.png
how to add images to squarespace blog post.png


Once you do, you’ll see that each is saved under an SEO-savvy filename, as shown in the 2nd photo above!


Yes, you will need to add your business name and location, but it’s pretty foolproof. ;) Then it will look like this:


Note: If “interior design” is already in the filename, you don’t need to add it again in your firm’s name.

4. Balance the number of photos with the amount of text

I usually suggest having enough photos that you never have your screen entirely full of text, because it can scare folks! f you need a good example, this blog post and the others on The O&B Blog balance photos and text well.

Add a featured image blog post squarespace.png

5. Add your featured image

For WordPress users, don’t forget to add a “featured image” (right-hand panel when formatting your post).

For Squarespace users, it’s under Settings or “Options” when formatting your post and is called a “thumbnail image.”

And that’s it! Save the draft, give it a quick preview, and you’re ready to press publish and get on with your life! A-men.

Questions on any of these steps? Anything need clarifying? Ask us below and we’re happy to help!