O&B Talks Design Blogging for Biz on The Kate Show


...Have you met Kate?

Kate the Socialite is a marketer extraordinaire and host of the The Kate Show — a cheery and no-nonsense podcast that teaches home professionals how to market and grow their businesses. She also happens to be one of my dearest friends!

We met way-back-when in Madison, Wisconsin, when I was spending a year with relatives and learning all about that crazy thing called "winter." (As a native Californian, it was a foreign concept...)

We've since swapped our coffee dates and Midwest nature walks for Skype sessions across two continents, but hey, friends make the most of it. :)

Our most recent talk, however, deviated from the usual heart-to-heart by tackling the design blogging landscape... and became the most recent podcast on The Kate Show!

O&B on Blogging for Biz

Here's a quick overview of some of the valuable topics we discuss...

  • How many times per month should we update our blog? Is there a magic number?

  • What is the ideal word count of a blog post?

  • What should we talk about in our blog posts to keep them interesting and relevant?

  • What is the anatomy of a successful blog post?

  • Where can designers find safe stock photos?

  • How can we make sure our blog posts are easily found by Google?

  • What should we do with a blog post after we write it?

...and much more!

I hope you’ll take a listen and get something valuable from the conversation. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for the O&B newsletter below. If you’re interested in blogging for your business, you won’t want to miss the helpful tips and ideas I send out throughout the month.