The Right & Wrong Way to Promote Your Latest Blog Post within a Newsletter


“Can I copy and paste my blog post into a newsletter?”

If you’ve ever asked this question, you’re not alone. I hear it often, and though I wish I could say yes (because wouldn’t all our lives be a whole lot easier?), the answer is a big NO.

That said, it is still a good idea to use your newsletters to promote your blog. You just have to do it in the most strategic way.

This strategy starts with understanding the relationship between your blog and the newsletters you send to your mailing list. It’s also important to know what your newsletter absolutely needs to have… so that you don’t swap out the most important features of your newsletter for a promotional blurb about your blog.

I’ll be walking you through all of these and then giving you some examples at the end, but don’t skip to the bottom. You need ALL of this important info — info that could be the difference between booking your next consult or not!

Alright, are you ready for this loaded topic? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Relationship between Your Blog and Newsletters

In another post, I talked about the role of your blog in your sales funnel, which is the process by which new clients discover you, learn to trust you, value you, and then finally want to work with you.

Here’s a simplified recap of that funnel…

  1. Potential Clients Discover Your Content Online (Social Media, Google Search)


2. They Click the Link to Read Your Blog Post on Your Website

3. At the End of Your Blog Post, They Can Subscribe to Your Newsletter to Receive Your Free Lead Magnet

4. They Receive the Free Lead Magnet by Email + Are Now on Your Monthly List

5. They Begin to Know, Like & Trust You through Monthly (or Bi-Monthly) Newsletters

6. Potential Clients are Eventually Ready to Book a Discovery Call with You

7. Your Winning Charm Turns Potential Clients into CLIENTS

You can see (in bold) that your blog and newsletters are at different stages of your sales funnel. Your blog is part of discovery and gathering email addresses; your newsletter is where you have an intimate connection to someone you already know is interested in what you have to offer. 

HOWEVER — and this is important — you can also use your blog posts as part of that “know, like & trust” part of your newsletters… if done STRATEGICALLY. And you all know I love strategy!!


What Every Strategic, Successful Newsletter Needs

Are you ready for this? This is the good stuff… Because your newsletters are the final stage in your selling cycle, it is important you USE THEM TO SELL. (This is your call-to-action.)

I know “selling” feels icky, but you’re not pushing a used car on anybody. As an interior designer, stager, or workroom, you help people find peace and happiness in their current homes or in their next ones. Think of selling as your heartfelt invitation for people to change their homes and lives with you.

That said, you probably won’t see results if you’re sending out newsletters that are SOLELY selling every time. You have to give your readers something valuable, whether it’s fantastic advice, a link to your latest blog post(!), or a heartwarming/fun story they can relate to.

Main Point: Whether you’re sharing a blog post or not, you should always invite your email recipients to book a consultation with you.

Note: If you use Socialite Vault’s newsletters, you’ll already have the right proportion of value-adding advice and a call-to-action to book with you.

create a newsletter with blog post promo.jpg

How to Promote a Blog Post within a Newsletter

I know, we finally got here, but all the info above is super important, so I hope you didn’t skip it! ;)

So, that copy-paste situation I mentioned in the intro? That’s a no-go. If you do that, your mailing list has no incentive to go read the post on your website... where they could have discovered other content of yours, browsed your portfolio and services, and maybe even have contacted you.

That’s an opportunity lost!!

Instead, you’ll want to write a short snippet that serves as a “teaser” of your blog post:

  • A short preview of the blog post that doesn’t give the important information away — leave a little mystery so people will go read the post. (Similar to a social media caption!)

  • A button or obvious link that leads directly to your blog post

  • THAT’S. IT.

Here’s an example from one of O&B’s newsletters:

example of blog post promoted in newsletter with button call to action.png

In the example above, this newsletter is ALL about O&B’s latest blog post, so I’ve dedicated a few short paragraphs to the topic. Not pictured is another section about our blog post template membership site with a call-to-action.

If your newsletter has a different main focus, and you’re simply adding in a quick section to promote your blog, here’s another example that’s even simpler:

example of blog post promoted within newsletter with link and photo.png

If you’re someone who uses Socialite Vault’s newsletters, you’ll already have value-driven, compelling copy at the beginning of the newsletter and the appropriate call-to-action. It’s good to go. But. If you want to put a link to your latest blog post in there, it’s probably easiest to add a text box and keep it short like the second example.

Disclaimer: This strategy has not been approved by Socialite Vault. This is solely my professional opinion.

Shortcut to Promoting Your Blog Post in a Newsletter

Alright, here’s another shortcut, but this tip is for our membership peeps. If you’re a member of O&B Studio and using our blog post templates, you’ll notice that we have 2 social media captions pre-written and available for each blog post.

These captions are composed in the exact same way I suggest writing your newsletter promo caption. SO. You can simply…

  1. Copy and paste one of these social media captions

  2. Remove the “link in bio/profile” part and tweak any of the copy to your liking

  3. Make your call-to-action button something like: “Read the full post on our blog” or “Get the full scoop on our blog.”

Ta-da! Yes, it can really be that easy.

Alright, I’m wrapping this topic up here, but blogging + newsletters are a loaded subject, so feel free to ask questions below if there’s anything I missed.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet tried one of our blog post templates, what the heck are you waiting for?! Sign up below for a free template and a whole lot of saved time and stress. That is my heartfelt invitation to you. :)


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