How to Know if Your Design Business is Ready for a Ghost Blogger

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s talk about ghosts… ghost bloggers, that is! Have you heard of ghost blogging? Or maybe you have an industry friend who works with one?

Either way, today I’m giving you the inside scoop on what this “ghost writing” thing is all about. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s real, yes, my friend, it is. And it’s FAR more popular than you might think… we simply can’t do everything ourselves or be in 132342 places at once!

Ready to see what this “ghost blogging” thing is all about? Keep reading…


What is a Ghost Blogger?

Simply put, a ghost blogger is someone who writes your blog posts as if they were you. Though their fingers typed up the words, the point is that thoughts are yours, the voice is yours (if done well), and it’s your name that goes in the byline.

Will Ghost-Written Blog Posts Actually Sound Like You?

I can’t vouch for every ghost blogger out there, but I can tell you that if you find a good one, your posts will sound like you. They will present your views, speak directly to your target clients, and include lingo you would normally use.

To get this kind of success, we take the same approach you might take when designing an authentic space for a client — there’s a process for getting to know each other, soliciting concept feedback, and creatively iterating to perfection.

For example, we’ll talk to you on the phone at least twice before we ever write a post (Discovery Call, followed by Strategy Session). We ask for short notes from you on each blog post topic. We study your website and social media copy. And we get your feedback and final stamp of approval before ever pressing publish. That’s how to get authenticity.


Do Business Owners Actually Use Ghost Bloggers?

Ohhhh yeah. And more often than you think. It is simply impossible for business owners to do everything themselves. If you think of your favorite blogger, I can almost guarantee he or she is not writing every single post themselves, especially if they’re an interior designer with employees, a full roster of clients, and a family at home. No way.

These days having a ghost blogger is normal, and in many cases, necessary, to advance your business’s goals. (There’s a free download at the end of this post for the 5 Signs Your Business Needs a Blog — a good read if you’re uncertain.)

7 Signs That You’re Ready for a Ghost Blogger

Alright, now let’s get to the good stuff. If you’ve been thinking, “Okay, I could be into this ghost blogging thing,” here are 7 signs that you could be ready...


1 | You know very clearly who your target client is.

Part of what makes blogging so effective is being able to speak clearly and personally to that person you love to serve most. If you don’t know who that person is, your ghost blogger will not only have a very difficult time writing for a target audience, you are also less likely to see the results you want. 

If you’re considering outsourcing your blog, make sure to define your target client first.

2 | You have a social media strategy for your business

In order for a blog to truly contribute to your marketing efforts, you need to have the platforms in place to share your fabulous new content. If you are already sharing posts on social media, using appropriate hashtags, interacting with others, and even creating stories, sharing your blog posts on these platforms will be seamless and effective.

3 | You send a monthly newsletter (at minimum) and have a lead magnet freebie offering

Like a social media strategy, your blog posts, freebie, and newsletters work together as part of a marketing strategy. But unlike social media, newsletters/freebies aren’t part of new clients discovering your blog — they’re part of turning those new readers into warm leads on your mailing list.

In other words, your ghost blogger will use the blog posts to invite readers to download your freebie. If you don’t have this in place yet, your blog will be less able to convert new potential clients into the kind that pay for your amazing services — and you may not see as much success from your ghost blogging experience as you’d like.


4 | You have business goals you are working toward

A good blog shares valuable information, draws in your target clients, and is beautiful to look at. A great blog does all of the above — while pushing your business goals forward.

When we work with clients, we always start with a 1-hour Strategy Session to come up with content that checks all these boxes. For example, if you want to open an online store in the future, yes, we can use your blog to prime readers for the store launch and create excitement in advance. If you want to focus solely on full-service clients, we can do that too.

Though you always have the flexibility to change your mind and direction, having your business goals well-defined will help you and your ghost blogger come up with content that truly makes an impact on your bottom line.

5 | You’re ready to take your marketing to the next level

If you feel that you’ve hit a wall with your marketing and you just aren’t seeing the results you want, blogging is one way to level things up. In fact, Hubspot (a huge marketing software company) recently reported blogging as 13x more likely to see ROI than other digital marketing. WOW — even I was shocked to see that number so high!

My only suggestion is to find a ghost blogger who knows your industry. Any savvy copywriter should be able to do a decent job, but inside knowledge into this complex and nuanced industry will create more authentic and effective blog posts.

6 | You have your hands full and are eager to get something off your plate

Aside from blogging’s marketing power, the biggest benefit of hiring a ghost blogger is, hands down, the time it frees you up for more of what you love at work and at home. 

In fact, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 70% or more of O&B’s ghost blogging clients are CEOs and mothers with kids at home. If you have to choose between Johnny’s baseball game and writing a blog post, well… I suppose that depends how much you like baseball. ;)

7 | You are willing to commit at least 1-3 hours per month to your blog

Depending on the ghost blogger you choose, your level of involvement may differ. Here at O&B, we limit your involvement as much as possible, but we also have some “checks and balances” in place to make sure we’re expressing your views and personality authentically.


We usually request a very short list of notes (we’ll send you the questions in advance) for each blog post, and we’ll ask you to give the post a glance before we finalize and publish it. This gives you the option to make any edits or fine-tune the voice, if needed. The longer we work together, the fewer the edits… down to nearly zero, in most cases.

If you’re a long-term client, we’ll also have quick 15- to 30-minute check-in calls every 3 months to make sure we’re keeping the content aligned with your business goals, ongoing projects, etc.

So, yes, there’s time involved, but compared to the DAYS (not hours) it would take to blog on your own — it’s a breeze.


If you said a resounding yassssss to these 7 prerequisites, I would love to invite you to work with us. You can contact us here for a discovery call to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

If you’re still not sure whether blogging is the answer you’ve been looking for, we have a pretty little freebie with the 5 Signs Your Business Needs a Blog. Scoop it up below to get all the clarity you need!

Until next time, my friend,

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