Fall Blog Post Content Ideas in Interior Design & Home Decor


Well, whether we’re ready for it or not, it’s almost that time of year again: Fall.

Yes, I know it’s barely September, but the eyes of the design world are turning toward fall, and (at least in my neck of the woods) temperatures are already dropping! Nooooooo.

I love hot tea, cozy sweaters, and working by candlelight as much as the next girl, but August is too darn soon if you ask me.

Anywayyyy, the purpose of today’s post isn’t to lament the end of summer… it’s to get you ready for an awesome new season of content for your business!

Fall is probably THE BEST time for sharing content in the home industry: most of the country is forced indoors, the baking/cooking phenomenon is in full swing, and we’re all preparing our homes/families/fine selves for the holidays. 

So how can you promote your business and serve your target clients in the midst of all this autumnal hoo-rah?? Let’s talk about it…

How to Balance Valuable vs. Trendy Blog Post Topics


Every season comes with its slew of “trendy” blog post topics. You know the ones: holiday decorating ideas, preparing the home for guests, best fall colors, etc.

If you like blogging on trendy, DIY-esque topics, that’s fine (I’ll share some ideas below), but if you’re running a design firm, workroom, or home staging business, it’s in your best interest to make sure these topics are still relevant to your target client AND to the services you offer.

For example, if you make or sell window treatments, you might not want to write a blog post about decorating staircases… it’s just not close enough to what you actually do.

However, a post about coordinating a home’s existing colors with holiday decorations could be relevant, since color knowledge helps you create color harmony with window treatments in your clients’ homes.

See what I mean?

That said, if you don’t like blogging on trendy topics, you certainly don’t have to!  Below, I’m sharing some trendy and evergreen topic ideas to get you going…

Trendy Fall Blog Post Topic Ideas in Interior Design & Home Decor


  • For events and entertaining:

    • The holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah (or Hanukah/Christmas for mixed faith families), New Year

    • Back to school season for busy parents

    • Football season in your area

  • In the home:

    • Porches, entryways, staircases and mantles… for first impressions

    • Guest bedroom decor

    • Coordinating fall or holiday colors with a home’s existing color palette

    • A tablescape or centerpiece (plates, napkins, place cards, etc.)

    • A bar cart or drink station

    • The perfect seating arrangement around a fireplace


  • How to design an experience:

    • For group gatherings (flow, decor, activities, etc.)

    • For creating family memories

    • In a guest bedroom.. beyond decorating, what essentials do they need? (Blog post template available for this post in O&B Studio)

    • For entertaining the kids (and getting stress-free adult time)

    • Small spaces for larger groups

    • For watching the big game

Seasonal Guides:

  • Gift Guides:

    • Products/decor for the home, aligned with your design aesthetic

    • For a specific person (targeted at your ideal client or finding gifts for their special someones)

  • Local Guides

    • Color inspiration at botanical gardens, parks, etc.

    • Art inspiration at local festivals or markets

    • Lighting/decor inspiration from festivals or holiday events

    • Gift or home inspiration at holiday bazaars and markets

    • Best designed restaurants for a night out in your town

Home Staging:

  • For Homeowners selling during the fall

    • Can a home sell during the fall season?

    • Is it a good or bad idea to stage your home during the holidays?

    • Tips for staging your home during the holidays

    • The perfect porch

    • staging your rental listings for the holidays

  • For Realtors

    • How to get more listings this season (offer a home staging consultation)

We’ve barely scratched the surface here, so feel free to get more holiday inspiration (not copycat ideas) from other blogs and keep reading below.


Evergreen Blog Post Topics for Interior Designers & Home Pros

The following ideas could be relevant in any season. You can use them as is, or put a seasonal twist on them if you like!

Interior Designers

  • The Design Process & Details:

    • What goes on during a consultation? How can clients be prepared in advance? (Blog post template available for this post in O&B Studio)

    • How long does the whole process take? What factors influence timeline?

    • What do YOU as the designer do that your clients might not realize is in your area of expertise? Such as project management. (Blog post template available for this post in O&B Studio)

    • How do you help create a unique aesthetic for clients?

    • Which trades are involved in a design process? Are these people part of your team already? Will your clients need to find them?

    • What false expectations do reality TV shows create for interior design clients?

    • What does an Install Day look like for your clients?

    • Smaller services your clients might not know you offer (color consultations, etc.)

  • Money Talks

    • What does an interior design budget look like? What factors influence budget? How do you discuss or refine budget with your clients? (Blog post template available for this post in O&B Studio)

    • Which renovations will raise property value?

    • How can clients maximize the ROI of their remodel? How does your experience and advice help with this?

  • Before & Afters (‘nuff said)

  • How WE Design…

    • mudrooms (perfect for the rainy seasons)

    • kitchens (for chefs, entertaining, big families, etc… whatever fits your target client)

    • bedrooms

    • children’s spaces

    • home offices

    • bathrooms

    • living rooms / family rooms

Window Treatment Pros & Workrooms

  • Before & Afters — DO THESE!!!

  • Selecting Treatments:

    • Compare/Contrast…

      • 2 popular window treatments styles (blinds vs. shades)

      • 2 window treatments fabrics or woods (faux vs. real)

      • 2 styles of the same window treatment (Roman shades vs. Relaxed Roman shades)

      • 2 window treatments in the same space — why is one better than the other?

      • Maintenance of different window treatments

    • For Certain Situations:

      • Sliding doors or two-story windows

      • Small spaces

      • Awkwardly shaped windows (arches, triangles, etc.)

      • Bathrooms or other high-humidity areas

      • Kitchens

      • For a fantastic view

      • For privacy (like that tiny window next to the front door)

    • Benefits of Custom Treatments (Blog post template available for this post in O&B Studio)

  • Design Advice

    • Color Coordination

    • Enhancing Space

      • Which window treatments will make a space feel taller?

      • Which window treatments will maximize natural lighting in a space?

      • Which window treatments will make a space feel wider?

    • Materials

      • Best fabric/materials options for a certain look (luxurious, modern, contemporary… whatever your target client likes most)

      • Best materials options for raising perceived and actual home value


Home Stagers

Whew, there ya go! Hopefully, the wheels are spinning and the creative juices are flowing! We have a downloadable worksheet available to help you work through your target client’s needs and generate the best blog post topics for your ideal client.

You can sign up to download it below!

Until next time, I hope you enjoy blogging during this fun season of the year! Okay, I guess I’m not completely dreading it, after all. ;)