How to Use Blogging to Fill Your Client Roster & Grow Your Business

Today, I’m shedding some light on the role blogging plays in your marketing, and better yet, how you can use blogging to help fill your client roster… because it really does work over time.

First, let me say that blogging for your business is not about accumulating tens of thousands of die-hard followers. (Unless you want to be an “influencer,” but that’s a different conversation.)


Blogging as a small business helps you reach the RIGHT people — those who could and would actually hire you!


The Role of Blogging in Your Marketing Strategy

Think of your blog as the foundation of your entire marketing strategy. Once you have a plan for creating and releasing content for your target clients, that content then serves as the launch point for ALL OTHER digital marketing.


Your blog’s content gives you a launch point for all your other digital marketing.


This includes your social media efforts, the lead magnets you offer in exchange for your readers’ email addresses, and your monthly newsletters.

The effectiveness of all of these mediums can be improved using your blog. Here’s how it works…

5 Steps to Using Your Blog to Convert Clients

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STEP 1: Blog on topics that are valuable to your target client

Yep, broken record over here, but this is a big one. I go into quite a bit of detail about how to write for your target clients here and we have many blog post topic ideas here.

In other words, you can no longer use a “lack of ideas” as an excuse not to blog! Sorry, but it’s for your own good. ;)

STEP 2: Offer a lead magnet at the end of posts in exchange for email Addresses

A lead magnet is a free resource you offer your readers in exchange for their email addresses.


Lead magnets are THE BEST way to convert potential clients into warm leads in your sales pipeline — so use yours to encourage mailing list sign-ups at the end of each post!


For example, if you have a lead magnet that helps people budget their interior design project, you could write something like this at the end of your blog posts:

“Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for your complementary Guide to Budgeting Your Interior Design Project Like a Pro. It’ll be your go-to resource for any upcoming home project!”


Quick note on lead magnets... the most-effective lead magnets are usually tied to the service you most want to sell.

For example, if you want full-service interior design clients, you could entice them with a guide to choosing the right colors for their space, but an even better lead magnet might be a printable workbook that helps them realistically budget a design project.

Both lead magnets are valuable, but you can’t make many assumptions about someone who’s looking to choose colors for their space. By contrast, the person who downloads a budgeting workbook is much more likely to have a design project in their near future!

If you don’t have one yet, Socialite Vault has several customizable lead magnet templates for the many different types of businesses in the home industry, and they are very high-quality. Go get one or two!!

(Psst! If you have Squarespace, here’s how to add a newsletter subscription box to your blog posts.)

STEP 3: Promote your blog posts on social media & increase website traffic

Social media is one of the tools you’ll need to use to get your blog’s content in front of people who don’t know you yet. If you’re wondering if anyone’s reading your blog, but you’re not sharing it online, you might have a ghost town on your hands.


We recommend promoting your blog posts on social media at least twice within the week you post them. And sporadically over the next few weeks, too.


By “promote,” we mean that you should compose a social media post that essentially advertises your blog post and directs people to it.

For example, if I just published a blog post that helps my potential client calculate their design project’s timeline, I might write a social media post that says something like…

“Have you ever wondered exactly how long an interior design project takes? Sorry, home makeover shows aren’t telling us the whole story! Calculate your design project’s most realistic timeline on our blog today and you might be surprised… Link in bio”

And, of course, make sure you actually link your blog within your bio and use hashtags!

If you need social media wisdom, Kate the Socialite easily has the best tips in our industry.

STEP 4: Convert blog post readers to newsletter subscribers

If you’ve done everything correctly up to now (i.e. “setting up your funnel”), this step should happen automatically over time. Here’s what it looks like from the potential client’s point of view:

  • Potential client finds you on social media while browsing

  • Potential client clicks over to your website to read your blog post

  • Potential client likes your blog post/lead magnet & decides to sign up for your mailing list

  • Potential client is now a warm lead that you can email with helpful content each month

Which brings me to…


STEP 5: Send monthly newsletters & stay top-of-mind

Even if your potential client is not ready to make a purchase yet, sending a newsletter every month will keep you top-of-mind...

...and if you’re top-of-mind, not only will these people think of you when their dream project finally does become a reality, but they’ll also think of you when their friends mention projects!


Newsletters are your direct channel into your potential clients’ lives.


Kate the Socialite, queen of marketing newsletters, recommends sending one newsletter per month to your mailing list. If you use Socialite Vault’s newsletter templates (which we recommend), you can always include a section at the end about your most recent blog post.

If you’re writing newsletters yourself, you could mention your blog post at the end OR use the newsletter to promote the blog post’s topic (like O&B does with many of our newsletters) and include a “Read More” button or link.

DON’T: Copy and paste your blog post’s text into a newsletter or vice versa!!!
DO: Always include a link back to your website!


Linking back to your latest useful blog post gives potential clients the chance to know, like, and trust you… in addition to poking around your services and eventually contacting you when the time is right.


The Unexpected Result of Blogging for Your Business: SEO

The more helpful and intriguing content you have to share, the more target clients will go to your website… and more of the right website traffic raises the likelihood of someone booking your services…

See how blogging is at the foundation of all this marketing awesomeness and potential business growth??! Yes, it takes a bit of time, but it is SO worth the long-term gains.

And can you guess the unexpected bonus I didn’t even mention yet?


Increasing relevant content + your site’s traffic helps boost your SEO without you even trying.


Yes, it really works like that. Amen.

Okay, that’s it for today. Hopefully this has shown you how all the marketing pieces can work together to your best advantage! Next, we’ll be sharing how to know if your blog is successfully driving traffic to your website + how to decide which content you should be creating more of.

Until then, I highly recommend checking out O&B Studio, templates that greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to blog — which means you’re more likely to actually do it!

You can sign up for a free blog post template and its accompanying SEO-labeled photos below.