Is Your Blog Working for Your Bottom Line?


At the end of the day, nearly every business decision you make comes down to two factors: your personal happiness aaaand... that thing called your bottom line. 

Content marketing (blogging, social media, newsletters, etc.) is a business decision. It's something that nearly everyone tells you to do for your business, and it sucks up a painful amount of time.

That's why, if you're dumping hours into your blog every month, it's smart to know whether your strategies are actually working for you — or if you need some new ones.

Today, we're helping you answer this question with a quick quiz...

Alright, how did you do? If you weren't given Pro status, did you see where and how to improve?

Questions You Need to Answer about Your Website Traffic

If you were ranked Pro status, I challenge you to take your search a step further by diving into your website analytics. I highly suggest you use Google Console (which I explain a bit about it in Step 2 here) to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are landing on your blog page from social media?

  • What's the most popular content on your site?

  • How many people are clicking the links within your blog posts to other content on your site?

  • Are you seeing an increase in newsletter subscribers? (If this is your main call-to-action.)

  • Are site visitors spending more time on your website on the days you share your posts?

  • Are you ranking higher on the page for search queries?

Lastly, I'll end with this: Your blog posts should ALWAYS be creating trust, transparency, and credibility. Even your blog is not directly contributing to your bottom line at first, hitting all of these criteria is absolutely doing some good for your business. So don't get discouraged, and stick with it!

If you need help or advice, we're happy to weigh in!

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