The Real Risk of Not Blogging for Your Business


What did he just say?

Your child is staring at you. You realize he must have said something, but how could he compete with the stressed-out work thoughts squirreling around in your head?


It’s bedtime and you’re thinking, Should I check my inbox? And Insta? Don’t do it… Aw, it can’t hurt... Don’t do it… What if there’s something important?

And—slip!—you refresh. Then you do it again within minutes of waking up the next morning.

If these sound familiar, chances are you’ve felt the guilt, the overwhelm, and the helplessness that can come with running a creative business.

The One Place Stress in Business Really Comes From

Some major reasons creative business owners feel so stressed and always in “ON” mode is because maybe you…

  • Have tumbleweed blowing through a ghost town of a client roster

  • Work with less than ideal clients

  • Are underpaid for your time, talent, and efforts

  • Have veered away from doing the work you love most

  • Are so overbooked that you have no time for yourself, your friends or your family

BUT… these issues aren’t the real heart of the problem.

In fact, all of these struggles can be boiled down into one simple cause. Can you guess what it is?

It’s lack of control.

If you’re experiencing any (or several) of these stressors, your business is controlling you, instead of YOU controlling your business.

I know, because I’ve been there.

When I had to look the man I love in the face and tell him—for the third time in the same day—that I had no clue what he’d just said to me, it broke my heart.

It’s not fair that we work so hard for our clients and for our businesses, and we aren’t present and alive for the people we love!

But we can change that.


How I Regained Control in My Business

My first year in business was a bit like a game of tug-o-war… except I wasn’t doing the tugging. I was that little handkerchief in the middle holding on for dear life!

I was nearly always stressed, worked constantly, and even when I’d take time on the weekends for a nature walk in my current home of beautiful Switzerland, I’d feel guilty about it the whole time. Can you imagine?

Want to know what changed things for me?


Blogging consistently can change more than your business. It can change your whole life if you let it.

You ready to hear how?

Come just a little closer…

The True Strength of Blogging for Your Business


Before I dive in, let me just say that when I talk about blogging, I am also talking about content marketing.

Content marketing is the sharing and promoting of any content you produce for your target clients. This could take the form of a blog, a podcast, or even weekly videos (with supplemental text for SEO).

Newsletters, while super important to your sales strategy, don’t count as “content marketing” since they are not shared and accessed publicly.

So what does blogging (or content marketing) let you do?

Put all of these together and you’ve regained CONTROL in your business!! Seriously.

I can tell you from personal experience, when you finally feel in control of your business, you’ll also feel in control of your whole, big, beautiful LIFE.

Sure, there will still be some surprises along the way. This is life we’re talking about, after all. But feeling at peace, making time for the people and things that matter you, living—well, that’s in your hands.


And that, my friend, is worth everything.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to battle anxiety in your business and regain control, I highly, highly suggest you start blogging.

You can check out O&B’s Studio’s blog post templates if you need a shortcut, or heck, just talk to us!

We truly can’t wait to help you thrive.