11 Simple Tools that will Make Blogging Pain-Free


Today’s the day I officially share the tools and strategies we use to blog for our clients.

After ghostwriting hundreds of posts, it’s safe to say we’ve made every time-wasting mistake in the book (seriously, we feel your pain) and now have a finely-tuned process.

These tools will help you save time too, be more effective with your marketing, and ultimately, give you the peace of mind you’ve been hoping for.

Ready? Let’s go!


1. Unsplash

2. Pexels

3. Pixabay

Our Tips for Using:

  • Create an account with one or two of these websites.

  • Spend 30 minutes or so creating a “collection” (similar to pinning) of design photos relevant to your aesthetic. You can also use one of our collections linked above or the photos we’ve curated for each of our blog post templates in O&B Studio.

  • After you’ve written a blog post, go to your folder and easily download a few photos you need. This will help prevent going down the dreaded rabbit hole… been there!


4. ReduceImages.com

Our Tips for Using:


5. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Our Tips for Using:

  • Enter your headline and submit to get an effectiveness score

  • Above 70 is great; above 60 is acceptable if the headline is compelling; below 60… you might consider trying again.

  • Take your headline’s score with a grain of salt. Sometimes a well-scoring headline is boring and could be punched up with a little creativity. We generally go with a 2:1 ratio of well-scoring SEO titles to more compelling and creative titles.

  • We’ve done this part for you in our O&B Studio templates; just mix up a few to keep it interesting. ;)

6. Yoast Plugin for WordPress

Our Tips for Using:

  • After you’re formatted your blog post in WordPress, you’ll find Yoast’s SEO score (green, yellow, or red), along with a place to add keywords and some pointers for improvement.

  • Add a keyword—the word or word group that describes the post’s topic, such as “bathrooms”

  • Make some of the adjustments Yoast suggests. (If you do all of them, you may have a post that sounds like a robot, which you are not.)

Time Management TOOLS

7. Google Calendar, Asana, Basecamp, or other time management software

Our Tips for Using:

  • Block off time for writing TWO blog posts at once.

  • Know your blog post topics in advance so you can literally sit down and write as soon as your time block begins.

  • Create a DEADLINE for yourself or you could spend allllll day on it.

  • Remember that good is better than perfect. It will never be perfect. Just get it out into the world!

8. Squarespace Duplicate Post Feature

Our Tips for Using:

  • Create a duplicate copy of one of your blog posts to edit easily for the next

  • This is especially helpful if you have Newsletter blocks or Content gallery blocks that you want in every post

9. Squarespace or WordPress Scheduling Blog Posts Feature

Our Tips for Using:

  • If you write 2 blog posts at a time, you can schedule them to publish on dates in the future

  • This is great for staying on schedule, publishing with consistency, and having your accompanying social media promotion planned in advance


10. Canva

Our Tips for Using:

  • If you want a promotional image for your social media or blog page, Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool

  • Select a template and edit it how you like

  • For each new blog post, simply duplicate the design, edit the title and photo, and you’re good to go!


11. O&B Studio for Interior Designers

Our Tips for Using:

  • Select a blog post topic and complete the quiz-style questionnaire (do 2 in one sitting and you’re good for the whole month)

  • Receive your blog post(s) by email; copy and paste the text to your website

  • Drag and drop your favorite photos from our curated selection

  • Schedule your posts to publish on the dates you want!

Here’s what designers are saying about O&B Studio:

“I love your service! I will totally recommend you to my design friends!”

“Ochre & Beige Studio has already made a huge difference in my blog post quality, and most of all in my blogging excitement!"

“I love, love this method.”

That’s a wrap, but I really hope try these tools and give the Studio a go (sign up below for a trial!). They can help your business + your peace of mind in the long run… which is WORTH IT.

See you next week,