Is Blogging or Video Better for Your Design Business?


One of my best friends and I were sipping rooftop drinks in Lausanne the other day when this question came up… blogging or video? 

Not your typical Happy Hour gossip, but since I write blog posts every day of my life, and she works in the video division for a social media company... well, it was bound to come up. ;)

I expected her to say “video” right away, but instead, she looked thoughtful and said… “both.” And I agreed. (I suppose that’s why we’re friends, haha)

Of course, we then launched into a discussion of the pros, cons, and longevity of video (shared below), before finally deciding on this:

Both blog posts and videos have their time and place, and neither is going anywhere.

Great. So, what does this all mean for you and your business?

How Does Video Work for your marketing?

Between Facebook Live, Instagram TV, and even YouTube, we’ve all seen the shift toward video as a popular form of marketing. So does it work? That depends on your goals... 

Pros of Video

  • More likely to get people’s attention when they’re scrolling their social feeds

  • Often easier to create short videos than blog posts (that is, if you’re not doing 23,349 retakes or getting the videos professional edited)

  • Expresses your shining personality in a “face to face” type of setting

Here’s a great example from our industry. I just watched an Instagram video last week by the mother-daughter duo at Stevenson Vestal Custom Drapery Workroom. They were so darn cute and knowledgeable that I immediately wished I owned a home in North Carolina just so I could call them up.

That’s effective stuff. (You can watch their video here!

Cons of Video

  • Lives on an external platform, like Facebook, Insta & YouTube, NOT your website (unless you embed the videos in blog posts)

  • Even if the videos are on your website, they don’t help your SEO like blogging does

  • Videos are difficult to navigate when looking for an answer to a specific question (is it at the 2:12 mark or at 5:28?)

Blog or video: Which Should You Choose?


When it comes to marketing, QUALITY is better than quantity. You will see more success if you do a few things really well versus trying to do everything just okay-ish. Here’s what I suggest based on 3 scenarios that could fit your situation…

scenario 1: You Blog consistently but Aren’t creating videos.

Go YOU! That means you’re already creating content for your target clients, sharing it, and being present for the people who need you and could eventually hire you. 

Blogging is enough — you don’t need to make videos unless you really want to.

An easy, low effort option could be to create a video around a blog post you’ve already written! (Why waste your brain power coming up with yet another content idea?) This could be a very quick Instagram video talking about your amazing blog post and encouraging people to go read it OR it could be a mini recap of what you shared in the post. 

In our Blogging for Home Pros Facebook group, I share 1 blog post + 1 video each week around the same theme. The blog post is usually a structured guide (like this one) and the video is more conversational advice. Members can choose whichever method they like best and they’re more likely to see the topic at least once during the week. It’s a win for everybody. (Yes, it’s a closed group, but you could easily do the same on social media!)


Scenario 2: You create videos but AREn’t blogging.

You’re also doing a great job with your marketing! Now, you just need to get those videos working for your SEO.

Yes, because it helps with SEO and keeps viewers on your website (vs. on social media, where they could find your competitors). That said, the blog doesn’t have to be a whole endeavor of its own…

There is a very easy way to get your videos into blog posts without much extra effort. (All about keeping that effort level down!) Here’s how…

  1. Get a transcript of your video. Send your video to a transcription service (like to get a full text copy of everything that was said in your video. 

  2. Paste that transcript into a blog post underneath the embedded video.

  3. Add headers to break up the video’s text into digestible sections, ideally by topic discussed.

  4. (Optional) If you really want to spoil your viewers, create a quick guide at the top sharing at what time (minute:seconds) each topic is discussed. Your viewers will know right where to find those genius answers they’ve been seeking. 

Voilà! Blog post!

You could also hire us to write a blog-ready video script for you… just read it on camera, copy and paste it into your blog post, embed your video — and you’re good to go!


Scenario 3: You Are Neither Blogging nor creating videos.

Ground zero can be an intimidating place, but remember — you, my friend, are in the driver’s seat!

I won’t tell you which to choose, as it’s a personal choice, but I will say pick at least ONE. Are you a writer at heart and love getting your thoughts out on paper first? (*jumps out of seat with hand in the sky*) Or do you love the camera and face-to-face conversations?

Read through the other two scenarios above and decide which sounds more appealing to you. The answer to that question will tell you where to start. If it’s blogging, as I said above, video is not essential unless you want it to be. If it’s video, you should get that thing transcribed and easily slap it into a blog post. Check and check.

Final Thoughts

Okay, some final thoughts here… If the idea of video stupefies you silly, that is OH-KAY. There are other options that can just as successfully market your business, so don’t let anyone pressure you. The only thing that IS a must is showing up consistently, serving up valuable advice, and putting yourself out there so people can find you, like you, and trust you… and then hire you.

How you do that is completely up to you.

Any questions? Need a pep talk? Shoulder to cry on? I got you in the comments below and in our exclusive newsletter. Subscribe below for more tips you can actually use. ;)