Let me guess… HGTV has made your job more difficult?

Between redefining clients’ expectations around budget and timeline to communicating your value, your way, you have some pretty unique challenges on your hands.

We hear you! We’ll make sure your future clients do, too.

Ochre & Beige is a ghost blogging & copywriting studio that writes exclusively for the interior design and home industry. Since 2017, we’ve been blending strategy and creativity to create content that feels authentic, compelling, and enticing.

Together, we can upend the stereotypes and start attracting clients who not only love what you do… they can’t wait to work with you.

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• Ghost-written 250+ blog posts and several websites

• Clients served across the US, UK, Canada & Australia

• Seen on the Profit is a Choice Podcast

• Seen on The Kate Show Podcast

About our Founder


Hi there! I’m Jaquilyn K. Edwards, but you’re welcome to call me Jaq.

Ochre & Beige is a blend of all of my favorite things — creative writing, strategizing, collaboration, and empowering incredible, talented female business owners like you.

How did I get here?

• a Stanford University education in Design and Communication
• several years in marketing, sales & business development at a Silicon Valley startup
• my own entrepreneurial plunge in 2017

Simply put, I was ready to pursue my creative passions on my own terms. (I bet you can relate to that!)

When I’m not blogging or copywriting (and even when I am), you can find me traveling the world with my Italian guy, learning languages, taking pictures of design, or sweating it out on a mountain.

Currently roaming around… Switzerland.